Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pop Diets vs. The Unique You - Quick Intro

Pick any popular diet, and you will find some dieters who succeeded wildly at losing weight with it, but others who just could not. Diet books claim that their program should work for all, yet we find these differences.

I'm convinced that there is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" diet. Not only are we all different, with different dietary needs, but those needs can change over time, often more significantly than we might realize.

I'm teaching "Pop Diets vs. The Unique You" to explore this idea that each of us is biochemically unique. That uniqueness can influence which diets might work – and which might not work -- for each of us.

Possibly the best way to determine an appropriate diet for "The Unique You" is by using a good system of applied kinesiology, or muscle testing. My class won't be covering that, but there are other instructors who do -- Patty Markham Peterson, for instance. I highly recommend learning more about this as it can be quite helpful.

In addition, there are some "typing" systems from the natural health world that can provide useful information about your general tendencies. These can supplement or support what you might get from muscle testing and lead to a better understanding of your own biochemistry.

"Pop Diets vs. The Unique You" will look at three such "typing" systems – Metabolic Typing, Ayurvedic Types and Blood Types. It will also survey the features of several popular weight loss diets and see how "types" can help in picking an appropriate diet.

The information provided by this short class will be very general, but I hope it will help each of us who take part to learn more about our unique physiques! The class will be taught tonight -- Wednesday evening August 19th at 6:30 p.m. at Room 324 in the Jutila Center (old hospital), 200 Michigan Street in Hancock, Michigan. Cost is $10 at the door and it will last about an hour. Hope to see you!

Many thanks to Kacey Berry for letting me use her beautiful meal photo above, taken in Italy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Analysis of Your Diet

If you would like a free case study of your diet and nutritional status, please read this. I'm offering this service right now as part of a certificate course I'm taking. It's pretty simple and works like this:

You fill out a form that I provide you (electronically or in hard copy) by answering a few simple questions and listing what you eat over three days. Then I look over your answers and give you feedback about how your diet looks and where you might make improvements. I will be turning in a copy of your case study form with my certificate course materials, but because the form lists only a first name, it is essentially anonymous. The course, for those interested, is one offered by the Global College of Natural Medicine.

If you'd like to do this or if you have questions, please comment here. I'll do this for the first five people to contact me.