Sunday, January 4, 2009

North Coast Holistics: A New Direction?

My friends and colleagues know me as a writer. So a few of them seemed surprised when I rented office space to set up what's mainly a holistic health and nutrition business.

This is not as out-of-the-blue as it might seem. I have, after all, been the family "health nut" since high school. Nutrition was part of my curriculum as I earned a Biology degree at UC Davis. Then recently, I've taken several health-related courses and seminars as my spouse and I have searched for solutions to some challenging diagnoses. I'm now topping off that training with certificate courses in nutritional consulting and holistic stress management. Setting up the office is a way to share the knowledge I've gathered.

I'm not leaving my writing or environmental work behind. It seems like a natural to combine holistic health and sustainability, so the tag line for North Coast Holistics is "Healthy Solutions for People and Planet." And because I've studied the important role that writing can play in healing processes, I'm incorporating that, too.

Through North Coast Holistics, I am:

-> Teaching holistic self-care techniques, including integrative nutrition, non-toxic sustainable living, energy tapping, and writing for wellness;

-> Providing individual appointments for those who'd like to explore one or more of these areas in depth;

-> Offering additional information about holistic health and sustainability in a range of ways; and

-> Selling select books, green products & nutritional supplements.

Watch this blog for more details!

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