Sunday, September 27, 2009

Learning about Field Control Therapy

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Vicki Usitalo’s class, “Internal Cleansing for Vitality, Wellness and Weight Loss.” The class covered the basics of homeopathy and Field Control Therapy (FCT), which Vicki provides for clients through her business Preventive Health Maintenance.

Toxins and pollution are a major cause of illness, Vicki explained to our class. Chemicals, heavy metals, and radioactive particles can get lodged in our DNA, where they can damage cells and affect health. To keep this from happening, it's important first to avoid toxins as you can. But in addition, Vicki said, “It’s very important to cleanse what’s already in the system to allow for optimal healing.”

This is what Dr. Savely Yurkovsky designed FCT to do. A cardiologist, Dr. Yurkovsky at one point had a family member sick from radiation and chemical exposures which Western medicine could do little to resolve. Dr. Yurkovsky then embarked on an extensive program of study to find anything that could help, and Field Control Therapy was the result.

Dr. Yurkovsky began training other health care providers in FCT as of 1999, and Vicki – already an RN – received her training a few years later. She also attends periodic update sessions to stay current with FCT techniques.

At her FCT sessions, Vicki has clients relax on a massage table as she uses bio-resonance testing – a form of muscle testing – to determine what needs to be cleansed from the cells, and what strengths of various homeopathic remedies are needed to do this. After about an hour of testing, the client usually leaves with a four- to six-day program for taking a series of homeopathic remedies to cleanse certain organ systems.

A line-up of homeopathic remedies for a recent FCT program devised by Vicki Usitalo.

These remedies are gentle, yet their effects can be powerful. Some people do not notice side effects, but when I do one of Vicki’s FCT programs, I usually develop deep fatigue for the first day or two. This is likely a sign that my body is ridding itself of toxins. By about the third day of the program, my energy levels usually rebound and I feel better than ever. I’m impressed with the results I’ve gotten, and I know of medical doctors, too, who are impressed with Yurkovsky’s system.

As of now there are not many FCT practitioners in the country. The Western U.P. is thus extremely lucky to have Vicki providing this service right here in Hancock. According to Vicki, FCT can be particularly useful for people with chronic conditions such as recurring sinus infections or urinary tract infections, or people suffering from pain of undetermined origin. It can also improve digestion, increase mental and visual clarity, decrease food cravings, and support health in a variety of other ways.

Vicki can be reached at Preventive Health Maintenance, 906-487-7468. Her website is, and her office is located in the Jutila Center in Hancock, Michigan. Later, I hope to add information on how you can find a Field Control Therapy practitioner if you live elsewhere in the country.

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