Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plans and Projects in 2010

In my writing and work, I strive to look at wellness and sustainability from a holistic view, considering both people and planet simultaneously to find truly healthy long-term solutions. This philosophy led me into North Coast Holistics just over a year ago, and underlies the work I hope to do through the business in the rest of 2010. This year, much of what I have planned will focus on writing. I also hope to offer a few community classes and am still selling a limited number of select books and supplements, as shown in the photo above.

Among my 2010 projects:

• I’ve received enough requests now for the story of our healing journey after Kraig’s diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivities or MCS that I’m now drafting a book on that topic. I’m still in the early stages on this one; stay tuned.

• I’m researching several articles that have to do with environment and health. One example: Cell phones and wireless technologies continue to boom, but the debate over their health and environmental effects has not been resolved. With recent studies adding new fuel, conflict over the use of these technologies continues to simmer. I hope to write about such findings as the damage done to the blood-brain barrier by cell phone radiation, the reduction in melatonin production from such exposures, and the special vulnerability of children to electromagnetic fields and radiation.

• I also hope to add to the written materials based on my wellness classes. The class handouts have gained enough of a reputation that people routinely ask for them even if they can’t make it to the class. Possibilities include expanding my handouts into booklets and developing new ways to make those available.

Several people have asked this big question: Will we again hold wellness classes as a series at the Jutila Center in Hancock? The answer: Not for the moment, although some of us who gave these classes last year do have exciting individual classes in the works. You can watch this spot for updates, and if there are particular classes you’d like to see offered, please let me know!

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